Repeal the Eighth Amendment Commission - Order of business 9th December

Posted on December 09, 2014

first meeting of the Labour Women Commission on Repeal of the Eighth Amendment 10 dec 14
The first meeting of the Labour Women Commission on Repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

This week in the Order of Business I welcomed the announcement of the Labour Women's newly formed Repeal the Eighth Amendment Commission.

'I welcome the announcement on Friday that Labour Women, the women's section of the party, has established a commission on a repeal of the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution. The commission is tasked with examining the best legal and political strategies to accomplish repeal of Article 43.3 of the Constitution and the introduction of legislation providing for the circumstances in which abortion may legally take place. It is very welcome to see this commission being established. It will be under the very distinguished chairpersonship of Dr. Mary Henry, a former Senator in this House and a medical doctor. I will be rapporteur and we will have an independent panel of legal and medical experts who will assist us in our work. I ask the Leader, when the commission reports to the party in the spring of next year and once the report is made public, to arrange a debate in this House on it.'

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