Election Results 2007

The second count involved the transfer of Shane Ross' surplus; the third count involved the transfer of David Norris' surplus; and the fourth - eighth counts involved the elimination of the votes of the following candidates:

  • Douglas
  • Efobi
  • Martin
  • Conway
  • Hutchinson Edgar
Names1st Count2nd Count3rd Count8th Count
Bacik, Ivana2794325537994285
Conway, Shay214271307ELIM
Douglas, Stephen183231264ELIM
Efobi, Ike201237280ELIM
Gueret, Maurice1155140715341828
Hutchinson Edgar, D.330409459ELIM
McDonagh, Rosaleen6847668581168
Martin, David223261285ELIM
Norris, David5240ELECTED
O'Connor, Sean514610671889
Ross, Shane5379ELECTED