Dublin University Panel

Dublin University graduates have a proud record of electing articulate, passionate and radical candidates to represent them in the Seanad.

Outstanding former Senators such as Mary Robinson and Mary Henry have used the Seanad as a vital platform to make valuable contributions to important debates on national and international issues. They have been a great inspiration to me and I hope that my own record will stand as firmly as theirs. 

Over the past nine years it has been a great privilege and honour to represent the Dublin University Panel and I hope I have served you well. I am very proud of all the joint and sole amendments, bills and contributions I have been able to bring to the Upper House, to campaigns and to my time as a member of the Joint Justice, Defence and Equality Oireachtas Committee. 

My professional life and activist passion has predominantly been dedicated to campaigning for radical social agenda. I hope you will vote for me in the 2016 Seanad election so that I can keep justice, equality, education and vital reform issues on the legislative agenda.  

Thank you very much for all the feedback, suggestions and years of support!