From the Archives: Hot Press - When Hotpress met Ivana Bacik, 2004!

Posted on March 14, 2016

From the Archives: Hot Press - HP Interview: Ivana Bacik, 12 May 2004 

More from the archives and more from Hot press magazine, with links to several articles in the same year. This time unlike my 1997 interview I have entered my hat into the political election arena and ran in the hugely contested European elections of 2004. A disappointing year as it was the same election we lost the Citizenship Referendum.

A reminder too of one of my early political campaigning activities, when in 1988 I went over to America to help campaign for the Dukakis Presidential Election. Dukakis basically lost out due to the surreptitious smear campaign deployed by the Reagan camp. It’s dreadful and demeaning to the political process, but it seems to have become an ingrained part of campaigning culture.

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