'This House Believes Theism is a Reasonable Philosophical Stance' - Metafizz presents Hitchens, Masterson, Nugent, Bacik in

Posted on January 18, 2016

Debate: 'This House Believes Theism is a Reasonable Philosophical Stance' - hosted by The METAFIZZ: a Philosophers' Society.  

On Monday 18th January, 2016 I was invited to speak at this Trinity debate organised by The Metafizz: a Philospher's Society. 

Chair: Prof. Maureen Junker-Kenny FTCD - TCD

Prof. Junker-Kenny is currently the head of the Department of Religions and Theology in Trinity. Prof. Kenny studied Theology, Philosophy and English at the Universities of Tübingen and Münster. She completed her PhD in Schleiermacher’s Christology and theory of religion at the university of Münster. She has been a lecturer in Trinity snce 1993 and is a fellow of the College. Prof. Kenny has many appointments including being a Member of the International Advisory Board of the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities. Her research interests include: Conditions of faith in modernity, religion and public reason, philosophical and theological theories of action, discourse ethics, P. Ricoeur, F. Schleiermacher and biomedical ethics.


Prof. Patrick Masterson - UCD/European University Institute

Prof. Masterson is a former President of UCD as well as President of the European University Insitute. Educated in UCD and Leuven, he was Professor of Philosophy in UCD and authored books such as 'Atheism and Alienation: The Philosophical Sources of Contemporary Atheism', 'The Sense of Creation - Experience and the God Beyond' and 'Approaching God: Between Phenomenology and Theology'. Prof. Masterson is now retired and is currently an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy in UCD.

Peter Hitchens - Mail on Sunday/The Rage Against God

Mr Hitchens is one of the best known journalists in the world. He currently writes for the Mail on Sunday. In 2010, Hitchens was awarded the prestigous Orwell Prize. Mr Hitchens is the author of six books including "The Rage Against God". Hitchens was educated at the University of York. Hitchens is a regular commentator on British media programs such as BBC Newsnight and Question Time . Hitchens has touched on almost every area of public life in his writings incluing religion, literature, politics, health, education, climate change and drugs. He describes himself as a theist and a Burkean conservative.


Sen. Prof. Ivana Bacik BL FTCD - TCD/Seanad Eireann/Labour

Senator Bacik is one of the best known voices in Irish politics. Educated at Trinity College and the London School of Economics, Bacik is a former President of TCD Students Union. Sen. Bacik is the current Reid Professor of Criminal Law in Trinity, a position formerly held by President Mary Robinson and President Mary McAleese. Bacik is a well known advocate for secularism and womens choice in Seanad Eireann where she has represented TCD since 2007. Bacik is also a practising barrister having represented Sen. Prof. Katherine Zappone and Prof. Ann Louise Gilligan in their High Court case over same sex marriage discrimination. Sen. Bacik is a Fellow of Trinity College, is author of the book "Kicking and Screaming" Dragging Ireland into the 21st Century" and is a senior member of the Educate Togther movement. She lives in Dublin.

Michael Nugent - Atheist Ireland

Mr Nugent is a well known advocate for Atheism. He has been the chairperson of Atheist Ireland since the group's inception in 2008. He has previously spoken to the Metafizz, Theological Society, Hist and Phil in Trinity and also to the Oxford Union, World Atheist Convention and The United Nations Human Rights Review. Mr Nugent is a playwright and co-wrote the smash-hit musical "I-Keano". Mr Nugent is also the chairperson of Right to Die Ireland and founded the group New Consensus with his late wife, Anne Holliday to campaign for peace in the North of Ireland. Mr Nugent is a vegan and lives in Dublin. He is a supported of Bohemiams and Leeds United football clubs.


 Part 1, courtesy of Atheist Ireland. 

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